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"Bead The Change"

We LOVE giving, and because of this love, we just wanted to let you know that with every set of Bodhi Beads you purchase today, you will be giving 10% of that purchase away to support local families, children in need and animals in Thailand. Such as the Elephants below! 

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Giving with love….

Giving with love is the essence of our humanness and makes a world of difference to the everyday lives of local people and animals. Founder of Bodhi Beads, 
Brett Moran, has travelled the world, giving back and believes the world will be an even better place when every transaction becomes a win-win. Brett personally gives back to the local communities and documents the journey. We do our best to spread wealth where needed, and we want you to be a part of the ripple effect. Thank you so much for your consideration and participation.

Give With Love...