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Hey there! We're a group of meditation enthusiasts who believe that spirituality shouldn't be boring. We love to get down and get Zen, but we also keep it real and feel grounded. The Bodhi Beads we wear around our necks make a positive statement to show others it's okay to look within. Plus, we're on a mission to get 1 million people to meditate!

At first, we set out to create the Bodhi Beads to help beginners master their monkey minds and help advanced meditators deepen their practice. Then our founder Brett Moran thought, let's get 1 million people to meditate together. Get your Bodhi beads today and join us on the 8th of December 2024 to raise the vibration! You'll get all the details when you order your beads here!


Introducing The Bodhi Beads 


The Bodhi Beads are here to take your meditation game to the next level while adding a touch of style to your practice. Get ready to embark on a zen-filled adventure. Go deeper than ever before as you master your monkey mind and look spiritually sexier. With each bead you count between your fingers, you'll deepen your focus and experience a sense of calm and wonder. 

What makes Bodhi Beads the crème de la crème of prayer beads? Let me spill the green tea on their key features. First off, these beads are made from premium quality materials. No shortcuts were taken in their creation. Second, they are handcrafted by a local family with love and attention to detail. Finally, they are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring you'll have a trusted companion on your meditation adventure. Check out the best-sellers here!


What Does Bodhi Mean? 


Bodhi comes from the Sanskrit word "Bodhisattva", which means "A person who awakens and seeks to awaken others". The Buddha believed your nature is good and that everyone has the power to awaken the Bodhi nature within them. At Bodhi, we believe anyone can awaken with the proper guidance. So join us, meditate, master your mind and become part of our ever-growing tribe. Begin the epic adventure of self-mastery, and we guarantee you'll never look back!