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Don't panic. You don't have to become a Guru and cross your legs to meditate. Mediation is not religious or woo-woo. It's about mastering the nature of your busy mind and breaking free from negative thinking patterns to live with more passion, purpose and peace. Whether you place your Bodhi beads around your neck to reduce worry, wear them at work to destress or sit at home on your yoga mat to dive deeper into your spiritual practice, the 'I Am Bodhi' mediations will guide you step-by-step towards a calmer way of life. With each order you make today, you get instant access to eight scientifically proven mediations (worth £197). Watch the meditations on your phone or download the audio to practice meditation on the go. 

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Author, entrepreneur and coconut addict Brett Moran began his mediation journey in a dingy prison cell over two decades ago. Since his first wake-up call, Brett has been on a mission teaching thounsds of people worldwide to meditate and master the mind. After meeting a monk in Thailand, Brett found using Bodhi Beads was a faster and easier way to help people meditate, change their thoughts and create more joy and mental and emotional freedom. Brett now shows people how to sharpen their minds in minutes using the beads. Click here to order your set today!

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