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More and more people are turning to mediation to help improve their mental and emotional health. In 2018 Headspace, one of the leading meditation apps, was valued at $320 million. In 2020 65 million people downloaded the Headspace app. And in 2021, Headspace released the first meditation documentary on Netflix! Meditation is now mainstream, and millions of people are looking inside to wake up and break free of suffering.

Don't panic. You don't have to become Guru and cross your legs to meditate. Mediation is not religious, or woo-woo. It's about breaking free! It's common sense, but it's not common practice. To end the cycle of suffering, you must understand the nature of the mind so you can influence your thoughts and think at a higher vibration. Which is EXACTLY what the 'I Am Bodhi' mediation series will do for you. 

The 'I Am Bodhi" Meditations Series 

Watch below to hear an example of the 'I Am One I Am Love I Am Free' meditation. 

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1. I Am Worthy. I Am Amazing. I Am Strong.
2. I Am Alive. I Am Passionate. I Am Excited.
3. I Am Calm. I Am Relaxed. I Am Peaceful
4. I Am Healthy. I Am Strong. I Am Powerful.
5. I Am Healthy. I Am Wealthy. I Am Abundant.
6. I Am Love. I Am Respected. I Am Seen.
7. I Am One. I Am Love. I Am Free.
8. I Am Universe. I Am Essence. I Am Bliss.

Meet Your Meditation Teacher 

From Crack To Coconuts

Brett Moran is a published author, modern-day yogi and online entrepreneur. He's been meditating for twenty years since his first wake up call in prison. Through meditation and self-study, Brett found a better way to create more freedom in his life, and now he coaches people like you who want to wake up and create more abundance, freedom and joy. Brett lives in Thailand, working from his laptop sipping fresh coconuts.

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