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Don't panic. You don't have to become Guru and cross your legs to meditate. Mediation is not religious or woo-woo. It's about mastering the nature of your mind and breaking free from negative thinking and programming so that you can sink deeper into your true self. This is EXACTLY what the 'I Am Bodhi' mediation series will do for you. When you order a set of Bodhi Beads today, you get eight scientifically proven mediations for £197. Wath the meditation on video or instantly download the MP3 version to practice meditation and rewire your brian for positive energy within minutes. 

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From Dealing To Healing

Brett Moran is a published author, entrepreneur and modern-day yogi. He's been meditating for more than twenty-one years since his first wake-up call in prison and has taught thounsds of people how to meditate and understand the nature of the mind. Through meditation and self-study, Brett found a better way to control his monkey mind and create more freedom, abundance and joy in his life, and now he coaches people like you who want to remove limiting beliefs, sharpen their minds, and create a better life. Brett lives in Thailand, running meditation teacher training courses, and you can find him sipping fresh coconuts.

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